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We are Tyler & Scarlett Holland. We have struggled with infertility for eight years now, so our husky babies are our only children. They are showered will love, and affection and they run the house. Nanuk is our oldest; He is retired but puts in a lot of work playing with the new babies. Nanuk is a momma's boy who loves to spend most of his days in his bed looking out the glass door. Nova is our oldest daughter, and she rules the house. If she isn't collecting all the toys in the house, she is howling at mom to give her more food. Nova has had a total of four litters, and they have brought so much joy into our life as well as their new homes. Most of all, she gave us Nora; she is our little princess. I wish I could explain how incredible she is. She is our only baby who smiles when you look in her direction. She is so loving and protective of her family. Lastly is our little boy Togo; he loves his momma and sleeps at her feet every night. He is our most vocal baby who loves to jump up and give as many hugs as you can take in one day. He is a true descendant of the original Togo, the Siberian Husky Sled Dog Hero of the 1925 Nome Serum Run.

We fell in love with this breed after getting Nanuk. We love breeding AKC Siberian Huskies because we know how loyal and loving this breed is and want more families to experience what we have. Check out our available husky puppies, and if you are interested, please fill out our puppy application. We would love to hear from you all. 

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