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Okay, guys, let's talk about Furbo!!

This is my number one must-have for any pet owner. The second I leave the house, this product lets me know that all of my babies are howling away, and I get to send them a little treat and let them know that I'm watching them. The audio is so clear so they can hear me talking to them, and it's calming for them. The nanny cam option has so many perks. It cost $9.99 a month for you to be able to get barking and activity alerts. So I know when someone has woken up from a nap and is moving around. It also is like home security and alerts you if a person comes into view of the camera and any emergency alarms are going off. Anytime these alerts are sent to your phone, they save a recording for you to watch.

My favorite part of all of it is the nanny cam daily diary highlights. So any movement that happens, the Furbo starts recording, and at the end of every day, it creates an amazing 1-minute video-- the best part is the music they add to the diary log. You have the option to download any video and take pictures at any time.

I highly recommended this product, it makes you feel better about leaving your fur babies at home and lets you see what you usually miss if you aren't in the room. At night I have it turned on, on my phone so that I can watch them during the night-- like a baby monitor. I think it's a must-have when you have huskies.

Furbo Dog Camera

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