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Going Home

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

We know that some of our families have never owned a Husky before, so we want to help you in any way we possibly can. Most families, generally, ask me the same questions when it comes to, "What does my new baby need when they come home?" So let's break this down.

Puppy Pads

I know that most families choose to do disposable puppy pads. Honestly, I have used them in the past, but it seems like I spent more money for my babies to shred them to pieces than actually use them. I currently use washable puppy pads that I ordered from Amazon. These are honestly the best products I could have bought for our puppies, and they last long past puppy training. I have several so that I can switch them out while the others are washing. The links belong are for the 2 pack they offer. I highly recommend these for all of my husky families because our babies are trained to use these pads. The clean-up is so easy, and all messes are easily picked up and scrubbed clean--you don't have to wash after every potty stop.

BONUS, these can be kept and used for anything. I put them in my car to protect my seats from hair or adventurous wet/muddy puppies. I lay them down for our Huskies to lay on when it's been raining so that they aren't getting the furniture wet. As you can see, I love these products!

Large Square Washable Pads

Round Washable Pads


Puppy Anxiety

One of our sweet moms (Misty) has so kindly recommended a product to help with the transition from our home with moms and siblings to your home. It did wonders for Kona (Holland's Howling Huskies Feb. 2021 litter) with bedtime anxiety. Now Kona takes her baby with her and loves to use it still.

SmartPetLove Snuggle Puppy Heartbeat Stuffed Toy - Pet Anxiety Relief and Calming Aid


Perfect cleaner and odor eliminator!

These are my favorite go-to brands. The Angry Orange is AMAZING!! I absolutely love the smell, and it instantly gets rid of any odor. I use this to clean up any poop spots on my washable puppy pads. No odor is left behind after using this stuff. OdoBan is also one of my favorites and one that I have used the longest. I mop the floors, spray furniture, and most of all, put a cup of it in my washer when washing my puppy pads. It kills 99.99% of germs and viruses, so that this product can be used for everything.

Angry Orange Odor Eliminator

OdoBan Eliminates Odors


Our FAVORITE Dog food!

For years we could not find food that our babies wanted to eat no matter what. We had troubles with Science Diet giving them horrible diarrhea and so on and so on. It was awful until a family member started using this brand, and our babies went crazy for it. Since then, our babies get various meats, and I can switch their food without upsetting their stomachs. The best part for me is I can actually see that I am feeding my babies protein. There are dried chunks of chicken, lamb, turkey & venison, or salmon & tuna. It's natural and comes packed with vitamins and minerals. Best of all, NO FILLERS!

Purina ONE SmartBlend puppy formula

I also add in "frozen" peas and carrots to their food once they get bigger, and OH, do they LOVE it!

Summer: Frozen peas and carrots

Fall: 100% pure pumpkin

Spring: Blueberries



I recommend them all! I honestly buy whatever I can find on sale-- I even buy stuffed animals from the kid's section. My boys love the squeaky kong tennis balls and the crinkle toys that have no stuffing. Let's talk about BONES, huskies love to chew on something, and you will want to have something for them to chew on. I have purchased so many different dog bone brands over the years, but my favorite and my puppy's favorite, are the large marrow bones. These babies last forever!!! Other brands my huskies can destroy within a few hours (I say few, but it's more like within an hour for some brands), and then they are gone. These bones last, and they don't lose their flavor. I have one bone that is still being used after a few years. They are all over my house and yard.

Crinkle Toys

Kong Squeaky Tennis Balls

Large Marrow Bones

If you ever have questions about toys or treats, message me, and I would be happy to answer any of your questions.



So these bones may seem like a good idea, and believe me, I have purchased them in the past before doing my research. The second I found out that these types of bones are EXTREMELY toxic to our babies, I immediately threw them out. I recommend getting all-natural bones made in the U.S., which look like they came from animals and not machines. My top choice for Huskies is listed above.


Grooming your Husky

Hair is a part of your life now. There is no way to stop it, and it is going to be on everything, congratulations! We laugh every time we go to a restaurant because we end up having Nanuk's hair in our food. Typing now, I have his hair on my keyboard (hehe). Huskies usually blow their coats at least twice a year. I use a pet grooming hair dryer blower and a furminator. Honestly, the furminator is going to be your best friend.

Pet grooming hair dryer blower


Okay, guys, under no circumstance should you ever shave your husky!!

Reasons why:

1. Temperature Regulation- His/her coat nearly completely controls your husky’s body temperature. Their double-coat plays a significant role in keeping them warm during winter and cool during the summer. It’s easy to think that their thick coat will cause them to be too hot in the summer, but it’s quite the opposite. The undercoat sheds, creating a lot of air circulation and space. At the same time, the topcoat acts as a blocker for UV rays and direct heat. Shaving their hair off will completely disrupt their temperature control and effectively contribute to overheating.

Your baby should NEVER look like this!

2. Stop Insects and Dirt- Your husky will be an adventurous soul, they love to roam around in the yard, on walks and hikes, and they will often come back dirty. Their strong topcoat plays an important role in keeping their skin clean. It blocks most dirt from reaching their skin, and it also provides an effective barrier against many bugs and insects. If you live somewhere hot, this is particularly helpful and will stop many biting insects from reaching their skin. If you shave your husky, you will be taking away this protective layer.

3. It Won’t Help With Shedding- With double-coated dogs comes to a lot of heavy shedding, and a lot of dog owners dread this time of year. Usually twice per year, your double-coated dog will need to blow their coat. This will undoubtedly give your house a new fur carpet. Shaving doesn’t stop this. There is no way to stop this type of breed shedding. The only thing you can do is control shedding.

4. It May Never Grow Back- Single coated breeds’ hair grows back normally. Double coated is a little different… for double-coated breeds; the undercoat grows faster than the topcoat (if the topcoat grows back at all!) This leads to the new coat coming through to be of a rough texture; a mixed undercoat with topcoat will likely happen. The owners reported the coat to grow back “sticky” or “velcro” like the unfortunate huskies who have had this done to them. This texture doesn’t allow for any airflow at all and once again will cause health issues. For some older dogs, the topcoat may never grow again once shaved.

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