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Before and After your husky arrives home!

To all our new families that might have never owned a husky before, or if you do, and it's been a while since you brought a new puppy home, I have attached a link to an incredible training website for all our husky families. If you want to do more for your baby, I recommend buying his book off of amazon called The Husky Puppy Training Handbook: The ultimate guide for all new husky puppy owners by Harry Evans.

Please take the time to read over his training post. It might be long, but I promise it is so beneficial for not just your sanity, but your babies as well. His training methods are for positive reinforcement-based training.

What he covers:

  • The Best Approach To Training a Husky Puppy

  • Are Husky Puppies Hard To Train?

  • Training Your Husky Basic Commands & Obedience

  • How to Potty Train a Husky Puppy

  • How to Crate Train a Husky Puppy

  • How to Leash Train a Husky Puppy

  • How to Train a Husky Puppy Not to Bite

  • When to start training a husky puppy

  • Last thoughts on husky puppy training

  • Most Recommended For Huskies

Here is a link to his website:

How To Actually Train a Husky Puppy: The Complete Guide – My Happy Husky

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